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Data Recovery

Types of Recovery

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery helps to retrieve lost files from hard drives, USB drives, SSDs, and smartphones.

Problems are of two types: software and hardware.

Software errors are caused by OS failures, accidental deletion, or formatting. In such cases, the device remains operational.

Data Loss on Hard Drive

Causes of Data Loss:

  • Accidental deletion of files.
  • Incorrect disk formatting.
  • File system corruption due to OS failure or viruses.

Hardware errors

Physical problems with the disk occur less frequently but are more serious. They are usually accompanied by unusual sounds (clicking, grinding) and strange system behavior. In such cases, physical errors need to be fixed first. This requires specialized equipment and a clean working environment.

  • Flash Drives and SD Cards
    Software errors: accidental deletion, formatting, OS failure.
    Hardware errors: physical damage, power failures.
  • SSD Drives
    Software errors: file system corruption, viruses.
    Hardware errors: memory wear, physical damage.
  • Smartphones
    Software errors: data deletion, OS failure.
    Hardware errors: screen damage, water damage.
Memory Cards and Flash Drives

Data Recovery from USB Drives and Memory Cards

  • Is your computer not recognizing your USB drive?
  • Have files disappeared from your memory card?
  • Did your USB drive or memory card end up in the washing machine with your clothes?

We specialize in data recovery from memory cards and USB drives of all manufacturers. You can bring us USB flash drives of various types and sizes, as well as memory cards such as Micro SD, Mini SD, CompactFlash, SD, xD-Picture, and others for recovery.

We guarantee complete confidentiality of your data. If data recovery is unsuccessful, you don’t pay anything!

We will help recover your data, whether it’s due to physical damage or if the device simply can’t recognize the memory card/USB drive.

What to do if data from a USB drive or memory card disappears?

  1. Disconnect the Device: Unplug the USB drive from the computer to prevent further data damage.
  2. Avoid Writing New Files: Do not save new files to the device. Writing new files can overwrite lost data, significantly reducing the chances of recovery.
  3. Seek Professional Help: If you have lost or accidentally deleted files, it is recommended to seek assistance from professionals. Specialists from Kasseta may be able to recover your data.
  4. Avoid Using Free Data Recovery Software: Free data recovery programs may be ineffective and could worsen the problem, making recovery difficult even for experienced professionals.
  5. Create a Backup: If you haven’t already made a backup of your important files, do so as soon as possible. This will help prevent future data loss.
  6. Consider Purchasing a New Device: If the device frequently fails, it might be more cost-effective to buy a new one rather than constantly trying to recover data.
HDD and SSD Hard Drives

Data Recovery from HDD and SSD Hard Drives

  • Did your hard drive fall, making data inaccessible or corrupting files?
  • Are you facing data loss or accidental file deletion on your hard drive?
  • Do you hear strange sounds, like crackling or clicking, from your hard drive?

We specialize in data recovery from both internal and external hard drives of any manufacturer. Our work covers devices of various sizes and types, including physically damaged and seemingly functional drives.

We guarantee complete confidentiality and 100% security of your data.

Our data recovery assistance is available for any operating system, whether it is macOS, Windows, Linux, or Ubuntu installed on your drive.

What to do if you encounter data loss on your hard drive or the data cannot be opened?

  1. Do Not Intervene Yourself: Avoid attempting to disassemble the hard drive or using unlicensed data recovery software available on the internet. This can worsen the situation.

  2. Consult Professionals: Hand over the hard drive to qualified specialists who can diagnose the problem and assess the extent of the damage.

  3. Reduce Disk Usage: The less you use the disk after data loss, the higher the chances of successful data recovery.


By following these recommendations, you will increase the likelihood of successful data recovery and minimize the risk of further damage.


Data Recovery from Mobile Devices

  • Need to extract data from a tablet that fell and won’t turn on?
  • Need to recover photos and videos from a non-working phone?
  • Lost or deleted important contacts from your smartphone?

We offer data recovery services for mobile devices from all manufacturers, including smartphones and tablets with various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and others.

We guarantee complete confidentiality and 100% security of your data.

We will help you recover data whether your device is physically damaged or has simply stopped working. We can also assist in recovering data and settings from your phone’s backup.

After diagnosis, we will provide you with information on possible data recovery methods and the best course of action.

What to do if data is lost or accidentally deleted from your mobile device?

  1. Quickly Turn Off the Device: Power off your phone or tablet to prevent data overwriting.
  2. Urgently Seek Professional Help: Take the device to a service center. Since phones and other storage devices do not actually delete information but overwrite it with new data, quick action can simplify the recovery process.
  3. Handle Physically Damaged Devices Carefully: If the device is damaged, disconnect it from charging and gently unplug it. Do not attempt to charge or turn it on.
  4. Avoid Home Remedies for Liquid Damage: Do not place the phone in rice or other substances, as this can worsen damage to internal components.
  5. Evaluate the Cost of Repair: Sometimes, repairing the device can be more cost-effective than the data recovery process. Consider the possibility of repairs, such as screen or battery replacement.

We will help you solve data recovery problems:

  • Recovery of deleted files.

  • Data recovery after OS updates.

  • Recovery from damaged hard drives.

  • Rescuing data from bad sectors.

  • Extracting data from faulty computers.

  • Data recovery after liquid or fire damage.

  • Restoring lost photos, videos, and documents.


We guarantee a professional approach and confidentiality when handling your data.

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