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Find us at the following address: Kanali tee 6-203, 10112, Tallinn

Digitizing VHS tapes

We calculate the digitizing services price per each VHS tape. You pay for digitizing of a whole VHS tape only.

What for do we digitize VHS tapes?

Nowadays everybody have VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini-DV, 8mm tapes and audio tapes somewhere in home archives, in closets, and in upper cabinets.

These are the most precious objects that people strive to keep safe and pass to the next generation.


Motion-picture film — is one of the first and the most vulnerable formats of data carriers. With the flow of the  time the motion-picture film strip looses elasticity, old splices break and each film projection makes yet new damages on the tape.

VHS tapes – is a relatively new type of data carriers. However, not everyone knows that the tapes’ shelf time is limited. In 5-10 years your old records do not look that much clear and the image contrast decreases, while noises and interferences start to appear. 

You will discover such defects as loss of synchronization, tape gets loose,  lines drop out, tapes lose their magnetic layer, and many others. These problems emerge due to the fact that the tapes lose their magnetic charge and suffer from a mechanical deformation.

Best prices in Estonia

  • VHS, Video 8, Mini DV, Audio digitizing services / 1 tape
    VHS, Video 8, Mini DV, Audio digitizing services / 1 tape 9.99 €

    The digitized product is ready within 4-7 days

  • Wholesale: more than 20 tapes / 1 tape
    Wholesale: more than 20 tapes / 1 tape 8.99 €

    USB-stick free of charge

  • Remove pauses / 1 tape
    Remove pauses / 1 tape 9,99 €

    We will remove pauses and TV transmissions’ records

What we use for work

Ordering process

Receipt of tapes

  1. You can bring the tapes to our office located at the following address: Kanali Tee 6, Tallinn, having previously fixed the time of appointment in the course of correspondence or calling us.
  2. Send the tapes to points served by Smartpost, DPD (delivery and dispatch are paid by the client). After completion of the order, we will invoice your and send back your tapes with a data carrier containing the digitized data from the tapes.

Receipt of ready digitized materials

You can receive the digitized data on the following carriers:

  1. USB-stick (9.99 euro — 32 GB)
  2. On a data carrier, provided by you  (USB-stick, hard disk) — free of charge

We prepare the records in MPG/AVI format.
1 hour of records takes ± 1,5 GB.

We provide guarantees for our work, besides, we keep your files for 10 days after giving the ready product. 

According to an invoice/ issued to the company only after accomplishment of the order before sending your tapes.

We kindly ask you to send us your tapes clean and neat.  We will charge extra 1 euro for each tape covered with mildew, dust, and other dirt requiring cleaning.

Send a request for a price

Contact details

Kanali tee 6-203, 2 floor, Tallinn

Working time
M-F 10:00-17:00

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