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We are located at Jalgpalli tn 1, floor 6, 11312, Tallinn

Digitization of video cassettes

We digitize VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini-DV, 8mm film, audio cassettes, slides, negatives and documents.

You only pay for the digitization of the entire cassette. The duration of the recording on the cassette does not affect the cost.

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Why is video cassette digitization necessary?

Today, everyone has VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini-DV, 8mm film tapes and audio cassettes in their home archives, in cabinets and mezzanines.

These are the most valuable items that people try to preserve and pass on to the next generation.

Film is one of the first and most vulnerable media formats. From time to time, elasticity is lost, old glues are torn, and each demonstration of the film causes more and more damage.

Video cassettes are a relatively young type of information carrier. But not everyone knows that the period of storage of records on them is limited. After 5-10 years, your old recordings no longer look so clear and contrast, noise and interference appear.

There are such defects as loss of synchronization, stretching of the tape, loss of lines, shedding of the magnetic layer, and much more. This is due to demagnetization and mechanical deformation of the tape.

digitizing cassettes price

Best prices in Estonia

Urgent order – to the cost x2.
The term of the urgent order is from 2 hours to 2 days, depending on the volume.

We can pay by card, invoice or cash.

How to transfer cassettes or film

Bring to the office

At Jalgpalli 1, Tallinn. We are open during business hours, you do not need to make a reservation.

Post machine

Send via Omniva, DPD, Itella postal machine ( shipping and handling for client pays).

Courier Kasseta

A courier in Tallinn will pick up your cassettes and bring them back. The cost of the service is 14.99 euros

Order ready

To media

A drive provided by you (flash drive, hard drive)

Buy a USB flash drive from us
(€9.90 - 32 GB)

To the cloud

Google Drive (€2.90)

We give a guarantee for our work, we store your files for 2 days after issuance. After completing the order, please pick up the cassettes and your media within 7 days. The cost of storage after 7 days is 10 EUR/week.

Payment in cash / on account / to the company only after the order is completed before issuing.

We ask you to give the tapes in their pure form. Cassettes in mold, dust and others that need cleaning, we charge an additional fee of 1 euro per cassette.

Types of cassettes and films

What do we work with

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Our partners

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Frequently asked Questions


We accept records in the office, we do not move them anywhere. When accepting cassettes, we draw up a document.

When handing over by courier, the responsibility is on the courier service. No precedent.

We guarantee the safety of your films.

No. Everything is confidential.

We keep records for only 10 days, upon request we can delete immediately.

It all depends on the quality and safety of your cassettes/films.

We will do our best to improve it.

If the entire cassette contains film or voids, we will not digitize the cassette. Let’s mark the cassette and tell you about it. You don’t have to pay for a cassette. In any case, if we have any questions, we will call you.

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Contact details

Jalgpalli tn 1, 6 floor, Tallinn

Working time
M-F 10:00-17:00

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